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Pink Gown by Nightshadesister Pink Gown :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 0 0 I Found 'Me' by Nightshadesister I Found 'Me' :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 0 1 A Meeting of Watchmen by Nightshadesister A Meeting of Watchmen :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 1 0 Sally Jupiter-the Silk Spectre by Nightshadesister Sally Jupiter-the Silk Spectre :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 2 4
There's a flash of violet in your eyes
would it be all right if I stared into them for a while?
For I want nothing more than to look at you
and feel like I've come home
For I've been lost and wandering
Too many lonely nights have come and gone
I've tried to tell myself there's no point in wanting
that which I cannot have.
But it doesn't stop the question in my mind and my heart
would you like to keep them safe for me?
For I've been lost and wandering
Will you mend this broken little doll?
And in the darkest hour of the night
that's when your face comes to mind
I can't fight it, this wonder
I can't stop the dreams of you.
For I've been lost and wandering
Hoping for reality to spring from fantasy
There's a distance between us
I want to reach out
but I can't let this hope fall apart
and I know it will if I take that leap.
For I've been lost and wandering
I've lost all faith in my heart
I need someone to give this heart to
I'm lost without a hand to hold
And I want to hold yours
It's cool
:iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 1 0
Ready And Waiting To Fall
a soul bright as sunlight
in a soft, warm shell
flesh and blood, a miracle of life
paradoxical mix of heaven and hell
emotions and feelings
a rush of endorphins in the blood
things i've never felt before
mix with old feelings in a flood
where does life begin?
conception? birth?
or in that fleeting moment
when you realise what you're worth
i am overwhelmed
my soul is light
i have found the realisation
that i deserve to take flight
a little bird, coddled and sheltered
her wings never tested
a young she-dragon
her strength too easily bested
her name is hope, joy, light
a hundred cliches and more
but she is the strength i need
to face what's in store
no longer a child clinging to her father
nor a girl in search of identity
a young woman faces a new day
somewhat innocent, but there's no more naivete
a soul bright as sunlight
made strong by old pain
a heart full of emotion
i'm ready to love myself again.
:iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 0 0
The Warning
Lock that window, don't look in
Beyond that door is a terrible sin
Blood and ink are the paint on the walls
Terror and loathing the pictures in the halls
Avert your eyes, child, stay your hand
Behind that door is a curse that will brand
You'll never escape your own fear
Forever the panic is near
Bright shiny smiles are your only defense
From the ceaseless onslaught, the endless offense
Of a mind mired in loathing
Sorrow disguised in joy's clothing
Run far, run fast, try not to look back
The fear without reason is a bitch to track
You never know where it will spring up next
While you're having a shower, reading a text
And when it catches you- you know that it will
There's nothing to do but hold very still
Breathe deep and slow til it all goes away
And ready yourself for yet another day
:iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 1 0
Take Your Bow, Marionette by Nightshadesister Take Your Bow, Marionette :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 7 2 It's Oh So Quiet... by Nightshadesister It's Oh So Quiet... :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 0 1 Avenger by Nightshadesister Avenger :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 1 1
The Ballad of Tragic Llewellyn
...Part One...
Once long ago there was a young girl named Tragic Llewellyn. She was, it was said, an unusual girl, though she looked normal enough, with her long black hair and green-brown eyes. She lived in a village called Town, just south of east in the west, and went to Miss Witchly’s academy of Christian Schooling.
Tragic liked to read, and draw pretty patterns in the dirt. Sometimes, things would happen when she drew, or read aloud.
Especially when she read from ‘This is Not A Witchcraft Book’, which Miss Witchly had given her as a present.
One day, when Tragic was on her way home from school, two boys stepped into her way. They were Toad Freely and Newt On, both older and taller than Tragic.
‘Give us your lunch money.’ Newt said.
Tragic shrugged, and handed him three buttons and a piece of lint.
‘Now, give us all your lollies.’ Toad added, surprised that Tragic had done what they asked.
Tragic frowned. She liked her lollies. Still, she took the
:iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 0 7
The Queens and a Princess by Nightshadesister The Queens and a Princess :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 1 1 UFA Plushies 2 by Nightshadesister UFA Plushies 2 :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 0 3 Cricket's Request by Nightshadesister Cricket's Request :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 0 2 Sailor Moon... Coloured by Nightshadesister Sailor Moon... Coloured :iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 2 2
Die Romantic
Die Romantic
I'm happy, feeling glad
I cannot be forsaken, because I'm not the only one
You know I won't give in
Stay now
I'm sleeping with the light on
And I wonder if you ever think of me
I'm waiting for your call
I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me
The same old story
Every day the world spins round
My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me
You saw me, and you saved me from myself
Someday I'll be part of your world
There's someone for everyone
How do we resist?
Shotgun wedding
Can the child within my heart rise above?
:iconnightshadesister:Nightshadesister 0 2

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Current Residence: With my family
Favourite genre of music: Depends on my mood
MP3 player of choice: Dragon, my iPod
Favourite cartoon character: ARIEL FTW
Personal Quote: Pa-what?
  • Listening to: Emilie Autumn
  • Reading: Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey
  • Watching: Classic Doctor Who
Haha, my last entry was April 2, 2008. I really don't look after my dA account, do I?

So there's less than a week til Manifest, I'm worrying about whether or not I'll get my costumes done... ah well, as long as I get one done I'll be okay.

I expect I shall try to get more photos uploaded more frequently, I'm feeling more crafty and motivated than usual.


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